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Hair and make-up for victory ceremony hostesses

Updated:2008-07-14 10:29 | Source:

  (BEIJING, July 11) -- BOCOG Cultural Activities Department director Zhao Dongming, BOCOG executive vice-president Cui Ning, Olympic champion Yang Yang, and television celebrity Yu Sheng were on hand to inspect the make-up and hairstyles that victory ceremony hostesses would be donning for the Olympic Games on Saturday morning.

Zhao Dongming thanks the volunteers.

  "First, I‘d like to thank the entire team of cosmetic artists and all the victory ceremony volunteers their hard work," said Zhao. The leader is quite satisfied with the group‘s participation.

Close inspection of hostesses‘hairstyles

Flag raisers

  The make-up and hairstyles of the volunteers must be compatible with the concept of sports, while still reflecting the spirit of Chinese youth. Although they are required to be simple, the make-up and hair should be distinct enough to look good on TV.

  Yang, as a previous Olympic champ, has had first-hand experience with victory ceremony hostesses. She believes that the hair and make-up of the hostesses should be natural, and not so overbearing as to drown out the main reason for the celebration, the athletes themselves.

  Male flag raisers will be dressed in attire that brings out the beauty of strength, health and youth.

  The make-up artists will take into account suggestions made by the visitors today to re-think the appearances of the volunteers.

  According to reports, the professionals can create even the most complicated of the four designated hair designs in 5-10 minutes.

Editor : Zhang Yun

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