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Irina Rodnina

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Lake Placid February 1980, XIII Olympic Winter Games. Mixed pairs figure skating: Irina RODNINA and Aleksandr ZAITZEV of the Soviet Union competing. Credit: Getty Images/Steve Powell

Lake Placid February 1980, XIII Olympic Winter 
Games. Mixed pairs figure skating: Irina RODNINA 
and Aleksandr ZAITZEV of the Soviet Union competing. 
Credit: Getty Images/Steve Powell

Born: 12 September 1949

Birthplace: Moscow (Russia)

Nationality: Russia

Sport: Skating


Sapporo 1972

Innsbruck 1976

Lake Placid 1980


Olympic medals:

Gold: 3

Other results:

World Championships

Gold: 10 (69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78)

The Most Successful Pairs Skater

Irina Rodnina was the most successful pairs skater in history. Her three Olympic victories in 1972 with Aleksey Ulanov and in 1976 and 1980 with Aleksandr Zaytsev are a record for a pairs skater. Her record at the World Championships was even more impressive. She won the title for ten successive years (1969-1978), the first four with Ulanov and the next six with Zaytsev. Rodnina and Ulanov split up as a pairs team when Ulanov became romantically involved with Lyudmila Smirnova, another pairs skater who won a silver medal in 1972 behind Rodnina and Ulanov. After Rodnina and Ulanov split up as skaters, she married Zaytsev and their successes in the latter part of their partnership were as husband and wife. Rodnina won eleven European pairs championships, in 1969-78 and in 1980, the last seven with her husband.

(Credit: IOC. Click here for further information.)

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