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William Roycroft

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  Seoul, September 1988, Games of the XXIV Olympiad. Australian Barry ROYCROFT, son of William, on Last Tango, performs in the three-day event. Credit: Getty Images/Bob Martin

  Other names:

  ROYCROFT, James William George

  ROYCROFT, William George


  Born: 17 March 1915

  Birthplace: Not available

  Nationality: Australia

  Sport: Equestrian


  Rome 1960

  Tokyo 1964

  Mexico 1968

  Munich 1972

  Montreal 1976


  Olympic medals:

  Gold: 1

  Bronze: 2

  From Hospital Bed to Gold Medal

  During the endurance test of the 1960 eventing event, 45-year-old Bill Roycroft of Australia was thrown from his horse and received a concussion and a broken collarbone. He was sent to a hospital, but he knew that if he withdrew, his team would be disqualified. So the next day, Roycroft left his hospital bed and competed in the jumping test. This allowed the Australians to win gold medals. Over the next 16 years, three of Roycroft‘s sons represented Australia at the Olympics. Bill himself competed four more times and earned bronze medals in 1968 and 1976 in the eventing team Mixed. His highest placing in the individual event was sixth in 1972.

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