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Frank-Peter Roetsch

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  Calgary February 1988, XV Olympic Winter Games. Men‘s biathlon, 20 km: winner Frank-Peter ROETSCH of the German Democratic Republic in action. Credit: Getty Images/Gray Mortimore

  Other names: R?TSCH, Frank-Peter

  Born: 19 April 1964

  Birthplace: Güstrow (Germany)

  Nationality: Germany

  Sport: Biathlon


  Sarajevo 1984

  Calgary 1988

  Albertville 1992


  Olympic medals:

  Gold: 2

  Silver: 1

  Other results:

  World Championships

  Gold : 5 (85, 87, 89)

  Silver : 5 (83, 85, 86)

  The First Biathlete to Win Two Gold Medals in One year

  Biathlete Frank-Peter Roetsch made his first appearance in the Olympics in 1984 and earned a silver medal in the 20km race. At the Calgary Games in 1988, he won the gold medal in the same event despite missing three targets. Three days later in the 10km race, Roetsch missed once and was forced to ski a 150m penalty loop, but he was still able to win by 15.6 seconds.

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