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Affordable tickets for Beijing Paralympics announced

Updated:2008-07-03 11:50 |

The tickets were unveiled to the media attending the press conference

(BEIJING, June 18) -- The wait will soon be over for fans wanting to fill up the seats at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

"83,000 tickets for 203 competitive events for the Beijing Paralympic Games will be on sale from June 20 to domestic fans," announced Zhu Yan, director of the Beijing Olympic Ticketing Center at a press conference on Wednesday.

In conformity with the practice of previous Paralympic Games and China‘s situation, organizers have formed low-price policies for the Beijing Paralympic Games.

Except for the opening and closing ceremonies, all tickets will be sold for 30, 50 and 80 yuan, Zhu told reporters.

The Beijing Paralympics, to be held from September 6 to 17, 2008, will have 20 sports and 420 disciplines for a total of 203 competition sessions at 20 venues. Only 143 sessions will need tickets while the road bike race will be open to the public for free, Zhu said.

A total of 1.66 million Paralympic tickets are on sale, half of which are sold to domestic spectators. Clusters of clients including national Paralympic committees will share 30 percent of the tickets, and the remaining 20 percent, some 330,000 tickets, will be given out to beneficiaries of the Olympic Education Program.

Zhu advised domestic purchasers to go online to buy tickets via the official website. Through the direct link,, from June 20 to September 14, tickets for the Paralympic Games will be on sale.

Customers will need to sign on using a previously-enabled account or create a new account with valid identification. Only tickets to 2 competitive events may be applied for at a time, with a maximum of 5 tickets for each event. If an applicant is successful at reserving tickets, those tickets must be paid for before the applicant can attempt to reserve additional tickets.

Proper identification (no copies are allowed) must be presented when paying for the tickets, whether by the actual applicant or a representative. Please make sure that all information is valid when registering for an account, to avoid issues that may arise after a transaction is completed.

At a later time, Bank of China outlets will engage in sales as well. Like the Olympic Games, there will be ticket sales outside the competition venues.

The tickets were unveiled to the media attending the press conference. They feature the Paralympic emblem, sport pictograms, core graphics of "lucky clouds," as well as the Paralympic mascot. Braille content is included on the tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies as well as goal-ball and judo competitions, an unprecedented practice in the history of the Paralympic Games, Zhu added.

Sample ticket for opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games

Sample ticket for the closing ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games

Beijing Paralympic Games sports competition sample ticket

  Sample Beijing Paralympic Games ticket designated for the Olympic Education Program

Sample of thermal ticket for Beijing Paralympic Games


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