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Mt. Taishan

Updated:2008-06-17 14:15 |

Mt.Taishan is located in the middle of Shandong Province, with a total area of 426 sq km. As the highest peak in Shandong with an elevation of 1,545 meters, Mt. Taishan is called "Chief of the Five Sacred Mountains" and "First Mountain Under Heaven."

With its abundant cultural treasures, Mt.Taishan is honored as a sacred mountain and the symbol of Chinese national spirit. From ancient times to the Qing Dynasty, emperors came to this reverend peak to hold grand ceremonies to worship the Gods of Heaven and earth. On the mountain there are 22 ancient construction complex, over 100 other buildings, more than 1,800 above carved stones, nearly 20,000 ancient trees and numerous poems and masterpieces written by scholars throughout different dynasties, all of which make Mt. Taishan the epitome of oriental culture.

Formed about 28 hundred million years ago, Mt.Taishan is famous for its imposing natural landscape. Besides its majesty, the Sunrise, Sunset Glow, Golden Belt of the Yellow River, the Sea of the Clouds are its four wonders. With a bird’s eye view, the mountain is divided by five valleys into six areas, which is features respectively by seclusion, spaciousness, beauty, mystery, elegance, and wonderful spectacles. Around the main peak, Jade Emperor, there are smaller 112 peaks, 98 ridges, 102 streams, 72 springs and 36 peculiar stones.

Experts of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO said, "Mt.Taishan uniquely unites nature and culture together, and this means China has contributed a special heritage to the world."

In 1987, Mt.Taishan was listed as both a world natural and cultural heritage by UNESCO. It was the first place named as double heritage to the world.

Mt.Taishan has also been designated as one of the Top 40 Tourist Attractions in China, a Model of Civilized Scenic Spots in China, a National 5A Scenic Spot, and the First among the Ten Famous Mountains in China. And in the September of the year 2006, Mt.Taishan has become a World Geopark.

Editor : Shi Taoyang

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