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Torch relay mountaineers back in Beijing

Updated:2008-05-15 13:08 | Source:

(BEIJING, May 15) -- Members of the mountaineering team for the Olympic torch relay on top of Mt. Qomolangma and staff members flew to Beijing at 4:00 a.m. on Thursday.

Hu Jiayan (L), chief of the Olympic torch relay mission returns to Beijing. Hu is deputy secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of the State Administration of Sport and its Vice Minister.
Hu Jiayan (L), chief of the Olympic torch relay mission returns
to Beijing. Hu is deputy secretary of the Leading Party Members'
Group of the State Administration of Sport and its Vice Minister.

They were greeted at the airport by Liu Peng, Minister of the State Administration of Sport and Executive President of BOCOG; Jiang Xiaoyu, Executive Vice President of BOCOG; and other officials of the two organizations as well as relatives and schoolmates of the mountaineers.

Li Zhixin (L), commander of the mountaineering team for the Olympic torch relay on the top of Mt. Qomolangma, is greeted by officials of the State Administration of Sport.

Li Zhixin (L), commander of the mountaineering team for the
Olympic torch relay on the top of Mt. Qomolangma, is greeted
by officials of the State Administration of Sport.

Wang Yongfeng, leader of the mountaineering team and torchbearer, receives a hero's welcome at the airport.

Wang Yongfeng, leader of the mountaineering team and 
torchbearer, receives a hero's welcome at the airport.

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