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Photos: Heroes' welcome for Team Qomolangma

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On Saturday morning at 11:00, a celebration was held at Mount Qomolangma Base Camp to congratulate the safe return of the mountaineering team that successfully accompanied the sacred flame to the world's highest peak. The gala was simple, but unique and grand.

Chinese Mountaineering Association head Wang Yongfeng leads the mountaineering team to the celebration
Chinese Mountaineering Association head Wang Yongfeng leads
the mountaineering team to the celebration

Media representatives
Media representatives

Participants of the celebration
Participants of the celebration

Numerous leaders were present at the celebration, including government officials and media directors, as well as all members of the mountaineering team and support staff. The sacred flame, which was carried up and down Mount Qomolangma, was used ceremoniously to light a flame cauldron at Base Camp.

Leaders offering the mountaineering heroes congratulatory ribbons
Leaders offering the mountaineering heroes congratulatory

Cirenwangmu, a member of the mountaineering team, takes pictures with fans.
Cirenwangmu, a member of the mountaineering team, 
takes pictures with fans.

Cirenwangmu signs autographs
Cirenwangmu signs autographs

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