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BOCOG congratulates mountaineering Torch Relay team

Updated:2008-05-08 11:58 | Source:

  (BEIJING, May 8) -- In a congratulatory letter addressed to the Mt. Qomolangma Olympic Torch Relay team on Thursday, BOCOG praised the team members for their successful ascent of the world's highest peak and the lighting of the Olympic flame there.

  "By bringing the Chinese national flag and Olympic flag to the top of the world and carrying the Olympic spirit to a new high, you gained honor for our motherland and added glory to the Olympic Movement. BOCOG expresses warm congratulations and sincere thanks to all mountaineering torchbearers and coaches!"

  " With the attention of the people of China and all across the world, you carried forward the spirit of teamwork and unity, bravely overcame numerous difficulties and risks, accomplished the sacred mission of Olympic Torch Relay on the top of Mt. Qomolangma, and honored the solemn pledge that Beijing made in its Olympic bid," the letter continues.

  The feat of the Olympic Torch Relay on top of the world's summit has added a splendid page to the history of the Olympic Movement and will greatly encourage BOCOG staff members to work hard and be fully devoted to the preparations aimed at the success of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, the letter added.

Editor : Zhao Yan

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