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The sencond torchbearer Wang Yongfeng

Updated:2008-05-08 09:18 | Source:beijing2008

Wang Yongfeng, a renowned mountaineer and captain of the Chinese Mountaineering Team, has received the national physical training honor medal, the Seven Summits. He and Li Zhixin, director of the Center for National Mountaineering Sports Management, are honored as the "Gemini of China's mountaineering community." In recent years, Wang has devoted himself to the development, planning and conduct of Chinese popular mountain sports and has also participated in many major mountaineering activities.

As a major player in Chinese mountaineering, vigorously advocates outdoor ultimate adventure sports among Chinese and also leads mountaineering and walking exhibitions for popular personalities such as Wang Shi, Wang Qiuyang, Liu Jian. In 2003, he organized and directed a popular mountaineering challenge to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first successful ascent human ascent of Mount Qomolangma.

Mountaineering Experience

1984 Mt. Anyemagen II (6,268m), Summit

1985 Mt. Naimona Nyi (7,694m), Summit

1986 Mt. Kulha Kangri (7,554m), Summit

1987 Vinson Massif (4,897m, highest peak of Antarctica), Summit

1988 Mt. Qomolangma (8,848.13m) Summit

1989 Zangtse-Bei Peak(7,543m), Summit

1991 Mt. Moirigkawagarbo (6,740m)rescue team

1992 Mt. McKinley (6,195m, highest peak of North America), Summit

1993 Mt. Qomolangma (8,848.13m, highest peak in the world), Summit

1994 Mt. Aconcagua (6,962m, highest peak of South America), Summit

1996 Mt. Qungmogangze (7,048m), Summit

1997 Mt. Elbrus (5,633m, highest peak of Europe), Summit

1998 Kilimanjaro (5,963m,highest peak of Africa), Summit

1999 Carstensz Pyramid (5,030m,highest peak of Oceania), Summit

1999 Mt. Yuzhu (6,178m),Coach and headman, Summit

2000 Zangtse-Bei Peak (7,543m), Commander-in-chief

2001 Mt. Yuzhu (6,178m), Commander-in-chief

2001 Mt. Muztagata (7,546m),Commander-in-chief, Summit

2002 Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,963m,highest peak of Africa), Commander-in-chief, Summit

2002 Mt. McKinley (6,195m,highest peak of North America), Commander-in-chief, Summit

2002 Mt. Xixiabangmaxi (7,292m), Rescuer and front-line commander-in-chief

2003 Mt. Qomolangma(8,848.13m),Commander-in-chief

2003 Vinson Massif (4,897m), Summit

2004 Aconcagua (6,962m), Summit

2004 Mt. Siguniang, Organizer and commander-in-chief, Summit

2004 Mt. Elbrus (5,633m, highest peak of Europe),Organizer and headman, Summit

2004 "Zhongkun" International College Students Mushitage Mountaineering Activity, Organizer and commander-in-chief, Summit

2004 Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,963m), Organizer

2005 Organizer of an expedition to reach the North Pole on foot

2005 Organizer and commander-in-chief of "Beauty and Beast Mountaineering Team," Mount Qifeng

2005 Chinese-Nepalese "friendship peak," Organizer

2007 Mt. Qomolangma (8,848.13m), Summit

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