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Date of Birth: 1962

Place of Birth: Xietongmen Prefecture

CPC member, National Master of Sports, member of the 14-mountain Expedition Team

Mountaineering Experiences:

In 1979, he joined the PLA and left the army in 1984. In December the same year, he trained for mountaineering.

In 1985, he reached Mt. Qowowuyag (7200m), and transported goods.

On May 11, 1986, he climbed Zangtse-Bei Peak (7543m) with the China-Japan Affiliation Team

On May 9, 1990, He climbed Mt. Qomolangma (8848.13), and was awarded “National Sports Medal of Honor” and “International Master of Sports”.

In 1993, he took part in “14-Mountain Expedition Team’, and succeeded in climbing 8 of them.

From March to May 2007, he climbed Mt. Qomolangma (8844.43m) in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Relay Test Climbing.

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