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Penpa Tashi

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Penpa Tashi
Penpa Tashi

Date of Birth: 1980

Birthplace: Tingri County, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet

Training: 1999-2002, Tibet Comprehensive Mountaineering School

October to November 2000 and 2001: Trained by French guide

Foreign Language: English

Mountaineering Experiences:

1999.10, Student, Training program, Zangtse-Bei Peak (summit 6206m)

2000.6 - 2000.9, Assistant, 14 peaks in Tibet, K2(7000m)

2001.4 - 2001.5, Cook, US Mountaineering Team, Mt. Nyainqentanglha (summit 7162m)

2001.6, Cook, US Mountaineering Team, Mt. Shishapangma (summit 8012m)

2001.10, Cook, First session of Tibet mountaineering Assembly, Mt. Jangsunglhomo (summit, 6325m)

2003.5, Assistant, Mountaineering Team of Italy, Mt.Qomolangma (8300m)

2003.10, Roadman and Guide, First session of Tibet mountaineering Assembly, Mt. Nyainqentanglha (7000)

2004.7, Assistant, US Mountaineering Team, Mt. Muztagta (summit)

2005.5, Assistant, US international Mountaineering Team, Mt. Qomolangma (summit)

2006.10, Mountaineering Guide, Team China, Mt. Shishapangma (summit)

2007.6, Assistant, Expedition Team to Climb 14 8000-m Mountains, Mt. Gasherbrum I (summit)

20007.9, Torch relay team training in Beijing

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