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Luobu Zhandui

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Luobu Zhandui
Luobu Zhandui

Date of Birth: 1980

Birthplace: Lazi County, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region

Training: 1999-2002, Tibet Sports School

Foreign Language: English

Mountaineering Experiences:

May 2002, Assistant, Chongqing Jinlong Motorcycle Brigade, Mt. Qomolangma (6100m)

July 2002, Assistant, US Mountaineering Team, Mt. Kyizi (summit)

May 2003, Assistant, "Stand on the third pole", Mt. Qomolangma (8300m)

October 2003, Mountaineering Guide, Fourth session of Tibet Mountaineering Assembly, Central Peak of Mt. Nyainqentanglha (7000)

August 2004, Mountaineering Guide, Mountaineering Team of China, Mt. Muztagta (Summit)

May2006, Mountaineering Guide, Team of China, Mt. Qomolangma (Summit)

October 2006, Mountaineering Guide, Amateur Mountaineering Team of China, Mt. Cho Oyu (Summit)

May 2007, Mountaineering Guide, torch relay team of China (Summit)

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