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Su Zixia

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Su Zixia
Su Zixia

Female, CPC member, Han,

DOB: July 2, 1984, Height: 164cm, Weight: 60 kg,

Place of Residence: Yunfu, Guangdong Province,

University: Agriculture University of China,

Regular Shoe Size: 38, Mountaineering Boot Size: EU7.

Mountaineering Experiences

May 2004, No.2 Peak of Four Girls Mountain in Sichuan, altitude: 5454m

August 2004, Mt. Muztagta in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, altitude: 7546m

February 2005, Kilimanjaro in Africa, altitude: 5895m

July 2005, Mt. Kyizi in Tibet Autonomous Region, altitude: 6206m

August 2006, summit of Jade Mountain in Taiwan Province, altitude: 3952m

October 2006, Mt. Cho Oyo in Tibet Autonomous Region, altitude: 8201m

May 2007, 7790m of Mt. Qomolangma

May 2007, summit of Mt. Yuzhu in Qinghai, altitude: 6178m

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