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Yan Dongdong

Updated:2008-05-07 20:29 |

Yan Dongdong
Yan Dongdong


DOB: November 16, 1984;

Han; Member of Communist Youth League;

Height: 170cm;

Weight: 73kg;

Place of Residence: An’shan, Liaoning Province;

University: Tsinghua University;

Regular Shoe Size : 40;

Mountaineering Boot Size: EU8

Mountaineering Experience:

July 2005: Team captain, NO. 2 peak (7025m) of Mt. Nyainqentanglha

July 2006: Team captain, Summit of Mt. Chola (6168m)

March 2007-May 2007: Member of torch relay mountaineering team, C2 (7790m) of Mt. Qomolangma

Editor : Zhao Yan

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