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Shenyang Olympic sports center stadium near completion

Updated:2008-04-29 20:42 | Source:

Effect photo of the Shenyang Olympic Sport Center Stadium.
Effect photo of the Shenyang Olympic Sport Center Stadium.

(BEIJING, May 9) -- The Shenyang Olympic Sports Center Stadium, one of the five football venues in the 2008 Olympic Games, is expected to be completed next month, constructors said.

Projected to have a capacity of 60,000 seats, the stadium will host a test event in July.

Since the start of the stadium's construction on March 1, 2006, workers have kept working day and night. New technologies have been applied to cope with structural problems. In August 2006, the concrete steel structure of the stadium was topped off and on November 5, 2006 the football field was turfed, four months ahead of schedule. At the moment, all the seats and large TV screens have been installed, only the test process remains to be done.

The stadium is the centerpiece of a sporting complex that includes a 10,000-seat gymnasium, a 4,000-seat natatorium and a 4,000-seat tennis field, with a total area of 260,000 square meters. The whole complex is to be completed in June 2008.

Editor : Liu Anqi

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