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Alternative modes of transportation

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Traditionallyrelays have been carried out on foot. With the celebration of the Olympic Games throughout the worldthe flame had to travel by plane. The modes of transport have slowly become more and more diversifiednot only for practical reasonsbut also to showcase the particularities of the regions crossed.

Legendary Norwegian skiers (or their descendants) carried out the entirety of the transport of the flame. (Oslo 1952) The flame went into the Arctic Circle at Inuvikwith stages carried out by snow-bike and skidoo. (Calgary 1988) A camel was used to transport the Olympic flame and a diver carried the flame underwater at the Great Barrier Reef. (Sydney 2000)

The modes of transport used bring to mind great moments in American history. For examplethe flame travelled in an Indian canoeby Pony Expresson a Mississippi steamboatand on a cabin of the Union Pacific. (Atlanta 1996)

The flame faster than the speed of sound! The journey from Athens to Paris took place at supersonic speed – on a Concorde! (Albertville 1992) Canadians organised the transmission of the flame by satellite between Athens and Ottawa. (Montreal 1976)

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